FUTURES Initiative

Unmatched Technology. Increased Capability.

Our Mission

The Red Cat Futures Initiative is an independent, industry-wide consortium of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) partners leveraging cutting-edge technologies to bridge critical gaps and bolster support for our warfighters through open architecture and interoperability.


Reinforces Governments desire to move faster and showcases collaboration

Gives customer “a la carte” options when purchasing a baseline system

SBIR collaboration to accelerate integration

RFI RAS consortium focuses on Small Companies (but not limited to) to compete against Big Business

Touch majority of Replicator initiatives through collaboration

Our Partners

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) leverages its power generation and data capabilities to provide intelligent maritime solutions and services, enabling smarter, faster actionable insights.
Sentien has developed the Hive to automate all facets of UAS operation. When human labor is decoupled from the UAS launch and recovery process, the active UAS fleet size can scale to much larger numbers.
Primordial Labs is developing the next-generation human-machine interface, Anura, to empower warfighters to be active collaborators, not passive observers, when teaming with uncrewed systems (UxS).

Athena AI is one of the only vision-based AI systems on the market that combines AI computer vision, AI enabled decision support and display of the AI information in a user interface

Athena AI

Unusual Machines is focused on becoming a leading supplier to the American drone industry. They are bringing together great teams, valuable IP, and high-quality brands.

Unusual Machines

Reach’s state-of-the-art hardware and machine learning algorithms deliver the world’s first Industrial-Scale wireless power solution – intelligent, long range, high power, and point-to-multipoint.
MMS is dedicated to empowering and protecting Warfighters through cutting-edge defense technology integration with relentless commitments to both innovation and problem-solving.

Doodle Labs designs and produces industrial-grade wireless networking solutions. They focus on mesh networking for robotic systems, providing high throughput, long-range Mesh Rider® Radio solutions.

Doodle Labs

Hoverfly is revolutionizing government and federal sectors for long-duration, small footprint aerial surveillance and secure long-range communications with tethered UAS (tUAS) technology.
Athena AI is one of the only vision-based AI systems on the market that combines AI computer vision, AI enabled decision support and display of the AI information in a user interface.
Reveal Technology delivers intuitive, rapid intelligence at the tactical edge, blending state-of-the-art computer vision, artificial intelligence, and edge computing technologies.
Immervision helps OEMs, ODMs, camera and optics manufacturers power up consumer and professional devices with smart wide-angle vision systems.
Teledyne Flir specializes in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras and sensors.
Tough Stump Technologies harnesses UAS technology to offer customized solutions to complex problems with a cutting-edge communications ecosystem through Mapping, Drones, Training, and Software.